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Web Protection turns itself off and cannot be restarted

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Upon restarting my PC from regular hibernation more, I was notified that MBAM's web protection was off. I turned it on - cue endless "is being started" message, but it remained off.

My first idea was "oh, right, it's Win 10, let's reboot in IT Crowd style", which I did. The issue persisted. I shut the POC down completely and rebooted. The issue persisted. Shutting down MBAM lets me turn web protection on again, but it deactivates itself after between 57 seconds and 3 minute 12 seconds.

I had no system crashes.

Included are the FRST scan and the MB-Check files in the suggested format..


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Hello, dear Nikhils, and thank you for your quick reply. I have indeed relaunched MBAM repeatedly, but the Web Protection module stubbornly turns itself off again automatically. When I attempt to restart the web protection service, it flashes as "starting" briefly, but reverts to "off" after app. a second (see screenies 1 thgrough 3).

Nevertheless I have repeated the switch off-switch on procedure with a relaunch delay of a minimum of two minutes, but sadly it doesn't help, either. Upon launch, the module shows as active, but a popup alerts me at the same that it is off. The main programme screen shows exactly that after about five seconds, too. A minute after that it notifies me that one or more real time protection are deactivated. Neither of the buttons on the popup does anything to fix the rtp.

I'd apreciate more input on what to do next, if you'd be so kind. :)




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Lets try a clean up and re-install to see if that fixes the issue.

1. Download the MB-Clean tool from : https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean

2. Run the tool to clean up your existing product. Tool will ask you for a reboot.

3. After restart tool will download the latest Malwarebytes product again.

Please let me know if that fixes the issue.

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I have cleaned up using your tool and reinstalled the programme again. The error persisted, oddly enough, with the same time frame of it turning off.

I went ahead of myself and used the Geek Uninstaller to do a "forced uninstall", and once again installed MBAM after that removal and a reboot. GU had found two registry entries that had persisted, one in my Firewall's folder (Win10 Firewall Free), the other one in the security part of HKLM. Now everything runs smoothly again so far. Without my trusty MBAM, I felt pretty naked. ;)

Thank you for your help (next time I'll be less of a user and do my reinstall before pestering you people here)!

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