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We have received complaints from some users that they can not log into their accounts at https://platform.jsecoin.com due to a block placed on the site by malware bytes.

The platform does not contain malware and I believe it was flagged because we do web based cryptocurrency mining.

Users have signed up for an account and want to access the platform to check their balances and run the mining script.

The web mining platform is javascript based and does not include any downloadable content which could be considered malware. If you get a chance to test the platform you will see it is quite different to most peoples preconceptions about cryptocurrency mining.

Main domain: https://jsecoin.com

Sub domains: https://platform.jsecoin.com, https://api.jsecoin.com, https://load.jsecoin.com

IP address:

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on here or via email.

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Hello Zynthesist,

I think you are throwing us in with the stealth coin mining sites that run in the background without notifying website visitors.

The problem is malware bytes is blocking users that have signed up to create an account with our platform. Surely someone that has created a double opt-in account should be able to access their account and mine coins if they want to?

Bare in mind that coin mining is just a mathematical equation and ours runs in javascript within the browser. There is nothing dangerous or malware related to it.

Would it be possible to get someone to take a closer look at our system and see if they think it should be blocked or not? I believe it's been targeted because of the bad business practices of our competitors and a negative preconception about crytpocurrency mining.

We can provide source code if required.

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Hi Zynthesist

I am just getting in touch to see if a further review of the site is possible. We have now also changed the publisher mining system to be fully opt-in, where no mining will take place until confirmed by the site visitor, and the notification will remain until the user has allowed or opted out of the mining. In terms of the computing resources, this process has always used minimal amounts of cpu power generally not going above 10% depending on a users device.

We would appreciate it if the site could be reviewed and classified as safe. We believe that users should be given the opportunity to opt in as opposed to being blocked, especially as there is nothing dangerous or malicious.



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