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False-Positive rdk.rhp detected as Spyware.Pony


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With MBAM database version 2017.10.25.11 we are seeing c:\program files\rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\plug-ins\rdk.rhp being detected as Spyware.Pony and Quarantined. I'm suspicious that this is a false-positive. The scan log and sample are attached. The log file was generated using mbam.exe /developer. The log file says "no action taken" but the file was quarantined.

Please advise.

MBAM-log-2017-10-25 (19-15-53)_.txt


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Hey Tammy or whomever is listening,

The problem is back. We were doing well until v2017.10.26.06. With that version of the definitions the file is getting quarantined again but flagged for Delete on Reboot.

Spyware.Pony delete-on-reboot          C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins\rdk.rhp

Please advise!


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Hi Tammy, I'm working on getting you that log file. The scan to produce it is taking a while.

When I tested this morning on a couple of computers and no longer had the false-positive detection the computers had db version 2017.10.26.3 and I think .2. When computers started receiving v2017.10.26.6 we started seeing the false-positive again along with the new statement of "Delete-on-Reboot".

Thanks again for your replies.

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