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Command line for Malwarebytes managed client 1.7.x

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Hi @Sagarmb. The offline installer packages made from the console can respond to switches telling them to install silently. Configuration of the program though has to take place after install.

Schedules you create within your Management Console will be automatically applied to the machines once that machines checks into the Console server. Those options are in Policy > Scheduler.

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@djacobson, thanks for your answer. What are the installation switches it accepts, is there any documentation you can share?

Is there a way to schedule scans or run on-demand scans using CLI? If yes, can you please list it here or send me docs that list it out?
I tried Googling it and did not have any luck finding it

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The MSI will take the standard Windows msiexec commands - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa367988(v=vs.85).aspx - Typical usage is: msiexec /i C:\example\LOCAL\path\to\ClientSetup.msi /qn

The EXE will take the switches /suppressmsgboxes, /silent and /verysilent.

For scheduling scans via CMD, that is a yes and no. Yes as in the API is there, but no in that anything you schedule will immediately be overwritten by the policy scheduled settings every time the machine checks into the server. Consider this approach to be a waste of your time.

On-demand scans can be set up and ran via CMD but truthfully, it is easier to just click on the machine or machines from the client view of the console, right click and then tell them to scan.

All supported commands for the programs are covered in their applicable admin guide contained in your download package. Go to your package and look in Unmanaged \ Windows \ Documentation.

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Just understand that whatever you do via CMD to the managed version will be overwritten by the check-in process, which is something the client itself controls. Also the status and scan results from an on-demand scan started this way will not be submitted back to the server; you will have no visibility on if the scan is running, what the scan had found, the action performed and if successful or not in its removal, you will be operating blind.

The Management Console's point is to give you a central place to manage and take action upon clients without needing to script everything, it is actually scripting the events for you, and that is what the console hosts for the clients to grab when the clients check-in. The managed version cannot be modified into the standalone version, you would need to pull out the deployment and start over with standalone if that is your intent.

If you are unable to fully use the console because it is inherited and not tied to your Windows account, we have tools to grant you access to the things for which you may not have permissions.

The download package can be found here - https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1161

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