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Over a week ago I posted logs as requested detailing probs with mwb not showing in sys tray. Tech support said that was a problem and send the logs to them for review. I did. To this date, I have not heard back from anyone regarding their review of logs. Sadly, that desktop has now died so no need for answer to that situation. I will probably be purchasing a new pc and am hesitant to put mwb 3.2 on it. I have a laptop with V2 on it and that seems to work. I don't think I want to put the newest version on a new pc. It just seems to have many issues and I have read other accounts of users  on this site agreeing. Anyway, I really have liked this protection for the 8 years I have used it but I don't know how to proceed for the future. Thanks.

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Not making excuses for the MB staff and such for not helping you in time.

An observation... if this computer died, is it possible that some other issues going on with the computer also hindered MB3 from running correctly?  How did this computer die if you don't mind sharing that info?

I would give MB3 a chance on the new computer, you may find out that it runs just fine on the new system. Yes there are many that have issues, however there are also quite a few of folks that have no issues.

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This Dell all in one has had issues since I purchased it 6 yrs ago. Inexplicable failures due to who knows what or why. I am not a gamer, a video producer or any other trait  that I can see as  hard driving behavior for a pc user. Due to the many failures, I installed Macrium backup software and thought my data and system would be protected.  However, in order for this software to function, the pc must be ON. This pc exhibited an amber light on the power button and would NOT turn on. Could not get into the system. So, I watched a bunch of utube videos explaining fixes for the amber light problem and after a couple of days, we got it started up again. Took the whole thing apart and cleaned various parts, and repasted GPU etc with thermal paste, etc etc etc.

I have always been a fan of MWB and I would like to use it on this system but it continues to give me the orange alert - not protected in the system tray icon. Do you think I should do a clean uninstall and reinstall?  I do appreciate your response and look forward to hearing from you. BTW, did anyone look at the logs I posted just to see if problem could be addressed thru them? Thanks so much for looking at my post. Regards, Dublin70


I know there are many on this site both with and without issues. I want to return to the latter state as I have been for most of the time I have used your good product. Don't know why my msg is in bold. I copied it from my doc editor and it keeps selecting B button when I paste it here ???  Thanks again.

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