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Applications not starting properly with Malwarebyte 3.2 active

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I am having the 322 problem on XP. Turning off Self Protection seems to help for a day then all of a sudden Adobe won't start, Firefox won't start or acts erractic, today CMD wouldn't open. Quit MBAM didn't help today, had to kill service. I have half users using XP and stressing they not click the "Update" prompt which will not stop nagging them even though check for updates and etc is turned off. (the users on Win 10 have upgraded but turned off Self Protection because it caused various problems. Trying to keep users on 3.1.2 until we get XP systems replaced with Win10. Can MalwareBytes fix the upgrade nag? I don't want to spend 10 hours going back and forth with support and logs and investing tons of time into the type of registry changes noted here.. I'd end up doing on 25 systems and seems individually.... 3.1.2 works just fine. 3.2.2 screws up system... I would be satisfied to stay on 3.1.2 until I get my systems changed over to Win10 but unfortunately having a struggle because users accidentally click on the "nag" button forgetting we told them not to touch. Any solution to this, any possibility MBAM will just fix whatever 3.2.2 does to cause all the problems without requiring users to spend hours of time which I suspect most of us don't have this kind of time. Seems to be quite a few complaints out here. Does MBAM assume everyone has hours of time to invest in making it work?

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Hello @JAA1 and :welcome:

It sounds like you're using the Consumer version of Malwarebytes 3. Just so you're aware, this product is not licensed for business use. However, I will try to assist you if you like.

Fist off, I'd like you to pick one of the computers having an issue and do a clean removal and reinstall using MB-Clean and let me know if that corrects the issue or not. If not, then follow the directions from here and post back the requested log.

Thank you



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