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Sites blocked using Distil Networks


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This is what Distil is saying: I've attached the JS file they provided.

"I believe the Distil JS is what they are referring to as protection log. If not, can you ask them to elaborate? I am not quite sure what they mean by protection log."

We have customers that are saying our site is being blocked by malwarebytes - the domain is resumetarget [dot] com

we've cleaned the site and its safe, distil is seeing that its blocking distil

We ran malwarebytes on our site, but I don't see any specific details or errors?

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we are a resume writing company in business since 2003. what type of fraud? 

You can't just tell a company that has been in business for soo long with a stellar reputation and have no report or something to even disclose what your talking about fraud?

you need to provide more details or direct us to someone that can let us know what the issue is if there is one.

I also see you flagged one of our competitors recently, so i think you've made an algorithm change that is suspecting companies like ours for something, without looking into the actual companies.

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