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False Positive: icanhazip.com


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Hello there,

I've received a few reports that Malwarebytes is blocking access to the domain icanhazip.com. It resolves to the following addresses:

  • 2604:7780:200:305:f816:3eff:feb8:e7e2
  • 2604:7780:200:305:f816:3eff:fed7:99b0
  • 2604:7780:200:305:f816:3eff:fe46:27dc
  • 2604:7780:200:305:f816:3eff:fe80:a469

The site only returns the remote user's public IP address and does not distribute anything other than that text. I have operated the site since 2009 and this problem comes up often with various security software. Malware will often be written to use my site (and others) to get the public IP of an infected machine. I do my best to squash those requests when I can reliably identify them, but it's a cat-and-mouse game.

I've written a FAQ to explain this in more detail:

Please remove this site from the website blocking list if possible. I'm happy to answer any additional questions if needed.

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