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Please, give us back Automatic update for MBAM !

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Hi all,

(apologies for my poor English, i'm french)

A few years ago it was possible to automatically update database AND MBAM itself, why this is not allowed today ? It will be more secure and user friendly for Rookies (wich i'm not). I think thats not a good idea that we have a download redirection to CNET for MBAM, why not putting direct download links on your website ?




PS : Sorry if my post is not in the right section...

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11 minutes ago, breizhspotlight said:

i've never get notifications about a new MBAM version olny for updating the database.. and  that's the case for many machines (virtual or not).

  1. Download the latest MB 3 installer from : https://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mb3
    2. Run the installer on top of your existing product. (Note you don't have to uninstall anything, just run the installer again)
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Hi PortHos,

What a strange thing... usually when i wanted to update MBAM i had to go here :


then i clicked on "télécharger maintenant" (download now) and i was allways redirected to cnet....

i upgrade my version with your link and now update option is avaible, how to explain that mystery ?



Anyways, many thanks !



ps : i must edit my original post  in order to mark it as solved ?

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