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Can anyone advise please : I have a registered copy of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit installed for some time now - the premium version.  I have run this alongside a competitor AV product. I understand it's incorporated within the Malware  product now, however I see that the Anti-Exploit info pages show updates as far back as July this year - but my product doesn't seem to have updated for a while.  How can I obtain the latest version please , any ideas ?




PS I'm running


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Greetings and welcome :)

To my knowledge, build is actually the latest standalone release of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit per the latest post in our Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Beta section of the forums.

That said, since you are a licensed Premium user you may upgrade to Malwarebytes 3 which includes our latest anti-exploit technology for free.  It should be fully compatible with your antivirus and includes multiple protection layers in addition to anti-exploit including:

  • Realtime protection from malware via our on-execution malware protection which uses threat signatures and heuristics definitions to detect both known threats and new/unknown variants of known threats along with advanced heuristics algorithms to detect unknown 0-day threats.  This module also includes signatures for detecting PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) so that they are prevented from installing on your system, including via bundled installers.

  • Web blocking which blocks access to or from known malicious websites/servers including ads which host malware, malware download sites, infected websites, scam/phishing sites, malicious command & control servers and other web based threats/attacks

  • Ransomware protection which monitors all processes for ranomware activity in realtime and stops ransomware attacks before they are able to encrypt your files via both signatures for known ransomware families as well as signature-less behavioral detection methods to block future ransomware threats

  • Our latest signature-less anomaly detection engine which detects new and unknown malware threats based on advanced algorithms

  • Scheduled remediation scans which include not only our malware and heuristics file, memory and registry threat detection/remediation capabilities, but also advanced rootkit scanning and removal and also uses the same signature-less anomaly detection engine to detect and remove even more threats as well as PUPs.

As a paid license holder you have access to signature as well as application updates, including major new version releases.

I realize the above information may sound like I'm trying to sell you something, but I'm really not.  I simply want to make certain you're fully informed on the differences between our standalone Anti-Exploit product and Malwarebytes 3 since you have a license which is valid for either one.

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