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A Couple of Complaints

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Firstly I want to say for the most part I am satisfied with the service. With that being said I have recently encounter some things that have been gnawing away at my patience.

1) Exclusions: Folder Exclusions, and for the most part exclusions in general don't appear to work as intended - at the very least, how I intend it. Whilst it is most common when I use trainers from the likes of Cheat Happens, and other similar services, it has also happened for game patches and even website exclusions. I have to go in and add each individual file I want excluded in the folder, even though I set up the folder as an exclusion. Am I wrong to assume that is how the Folder Exclusion is meant to work?

If anyone has a solution to this so that the things I place in that folder will be excluded, I would definitely appreciate it.

2) Offline issues: Recently we had a really bad windstorm, upwards of 131km/h. This of course caused issues with the power grid and, since I'm out in the country - my internet. With the tower that provides us internet being knocked over, we had to wait for them to rebuild the tower and realign their radios to once again provide us internet. So we had no internet for about 2-3 days.

Over the course of those few days, Malwarebytes saw fit to remind me every 10-30ish minutes that I was in fact offline. It gave me an error saying it could not connect to the license server, and that my updates were not current. This alone probably wouldn't be an issue, but it demanded my attention. Minimizing full screen games, and popping up over every open window which interrupted my writing. When I finally got frustrated, I decided to just leave the error up and perhaps it wouldn't minimize my game (sometimes causing the game to crash). It worked, but it caused another issue: endless amounts of errors. I had to sit and hold enter for upwards of 2 minutes for all the errors to be dismissed. I'd close it down, and another would pop up, close it down and another would pop up, and so on and so forth.

Our internet goes down often enough that I had noticed this to a smaller degree, but it was never for more than a few hours at most. So this was incredibly frustrating for me.

I'm not sure why this is necessary, though I suspect anti-piracy has something to do with it. I don't know what you can do about it because piracy is a rampant thing with software, but I was frustrated enough that I felt like posting it here.

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Sorry to hear about your issues, let's see if we can get them sorted out for you


Can you provide an example of what program you're trying to exclude and what folder you excluded? Also, can you please run mb-check from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check and upload the zip file it creates on your desktop? This should give us an idea of what's being blocked and why the exclusion may not be working.

Offline Issues:

This will normally only happen if you open Malwarebytes and attempt to run it while your internet is out. If it's running in the background, this shouldn't happen. That being said, we do have a ticket filed for this behavior to be less intrusive

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Hello again,

I did not expect a response so I stopped paying attention, but I just want to say that I'm pretty much fed up with the product and how it handles on a crappy connection like xplornet. Basically my connection is garbage, but it's the only one we've got out in the middle of nowhere Canada. It used to be pretty stable, but our provider got bought out and the new provider (Xplornet) has somehow manged to screw that up. Over the course of the initial outage to now MB has consistently annoyed me about being unable to connect (even if it was only down for 1-2 minutes) which pops up over everything else I'm doing. And then complaining that I can't update. On top of that - just now - it gave me an error saying it couldn't connect and then a MB service error followed by a BSOD. I don't want to BSOD just because it can't handle my connection, so I've decided I'll just stick with windows defender and maybe something like comodo for a firewall.

It was alright well it lasted, but It just does not like being offline at all. I don't understand why it requires such a consistent connection, or why the MB service crashed after one of these checks during a down period and gave me a BSOD, but when it gets to that point I have to back off.

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I regret that the internet service is not steady.   Obviously that service is not ours.  What we can help you on is the Malwarebytes program.

What is the "error message" exactly ?  Knowing that detail is a big help.  We can help you to get program issues squared away.  Would you be able to provide us some report files ?


By the way, the issue on " Cheat Happens" blocks has been taken care of.   You don't need to exclude it.  Just be sure that the database is fully up to date.

What version of Malwarebytes do you know have ?

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I understand you have no control over the quality of service my ISP provides, I was in fact complaining about how your service reacts to their poor service. 


When the BSOD (Kernel Security Check or something along those lines) happened, it happened immediately after the Malwarebytes service crashed. Their was no reason given for it crashing, and I can only conclude that it had something to do with the internet check your product conducts because it happened after it produced an error saying it could not connect to the internet. I used the latest version available as of this morning, but I uninstalled it because it created a BSOD.


My issue on Cheat Happens is not the same as the one where the website was blocked. Mine is that the trainers themselves can't start up due to a temp file it creates being blocked. I figured if I allowed the program to run via exclusion, it would also let that temp file go, but it does not so I have to also exclude the temp file.

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