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Blocking of Cheathappens.com


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Our website, www.cheathappens.com is being blocked by your software for no apparent reason. We have been in business for 18 years, have over 3 MILLION subscribers and have no malicious content on our site that would necessitate a block. We have a full clean bill of health from VirusTotal:


Please remove this block on our website. 


Chris O.

Cheat Happens


Attached is the log file from Malwarebytes and the specific error in the browser is:

Can’t connect securely to this page

This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner.


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Attached log.txt file from Malwarebytes
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I agree with PWizard, I've been a active member of the site since 2007 and never once have I've never had any issues with any downloads of their trainers or malwares to my system in 10 yrs, i verify and am a witness to their site being clean and free of any malicious content on their site that would appreciate the removal of www.cheathappens.com from your software block list. Thank you

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I believe that Malwarebytes may have blocked the domain cheathappens.com in error. This domain/service also requires that all premium trainers are owner verified by communicating with the domain - which is unable to complete due to the domain being blocked.

If the domain was not blocked in error can you please provide details either to myself (so I can rescan my files obtained from Cheat Happens) or at the very least the domain owners as to why this has occurred so they are able to take necessary action?

Thank you.

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+1 for the removal of the block please. I'm not comfortable with having to disable the Malwarebytes Web Shield to activate/verify a trainer.

As mentioned in my thread, if their is a legitimate reason for the block; can Malwarebytes provide that details to the owners of the website so they can take action?

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I believe you may have listed cheathappens.com as a false positive. I am a very long time premium user of their site, and they safeguard both personal information as well as customizing each and every game trainer/SW for registered users only. I. e. you are required to be logged in as a verified user to even receive (virus and malware free) SW from them. This is a site trusted by thousands of my gaming peers, and they diligently check all trainers and software for any traces of viral or malware infections.
Please unlist.

Thank you

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Hi Malwarebytes support - I'm a happy paying customer, and I'm asking you to please fix this.   I'm not sure how cheathappens.com made your block list, but you're going to want to unblock them immediately, and probably take steps to eliminate whatever caused the false positive. 

I've been a member over at cheathappens.com for longer than I've been a Malwarebytes customer, and I can assure you - these guys wear white hats.

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I am also exhibiting the same issue. I've been a member of the site for over 13 years and the site has not served malware at all.

The summary of the defect being reported on my end can be found below:

Summary: Malwarebytes incorrectly flags Cheat Happens as malware and blocks the website
Browsers Affected: All Browsers
Severity: 2-Serious
Website URL: https://www.cheathappens.com
Website IP:
Website port: 50110
Component Package Version: 1.0.212
Update Package Version: 1.0.3061
License: Trial
OS: Windows 10 (Build 16299.19)
Expected Result: The user is able to navigate the Cheat Happens website.
Actual Result: Malwarebytes blocks the site and redirects the user to a default blocked page.
Steps to recreate: 

  1. Ensure that Malwarebytes is installed and that premium features are enabled (trial or otherwise).
  2. Open any browser windows.
  3. Navigate to the site: https://www.cheathappens.com/
  4. Attempt to navigate the website.

Explanation of severity ratings:

  1. Critical - Total loss of functionality. No known workaround exists. Considered showstopper.
  2. Serious - Severe loss of functionality with known workarounds or is otherwise not a showstopper. Severely degrades user experience and forces user to rely on workarounds or alternative methods.
  3. Moderate - Moderate loss of functionality. User experience is degraded and the user may experience difficulty with completing a task.
  4. Minor - Small loss of functionality. User experience may be degraded and the user may see unintended mistakes with the application.
  5. Trivial - Trivial loss of functionality. User may encounter small UI issues such as misspellings or alignment issues with the app.
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please unblock cheathappens.com as it's a false positive. Being a member there for over 3 years and the site is safe. By the nature of how thp programs they have to download work, they very often get  false flagged. But it only requires a human and two eyes to see it's absolutely harmless, like the site itself, which exist for more than 10 year now.

So please let this site review by a human and unblock it. Thank you.

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1 hour ago, Dashke said:

Sorry for the confusion, but the block will remain in place for PUP.CheatEngine.

Apparently the CheatEngine installer comes with "Potential Unwanted Programs" alias adware. That is why the cheatengine software (which itself is open source) is marked with that. However also all trainers created by CheatEngine will marked as that even if they don't contain the PUP at all.

(I don't want to argue or start a discussion but @MalwarebyteStaff this overblocking becomes ridiculous. It would be as Microsoft would block all MalwareBytes software because it ends with .exe and .exe is known to be used by virus and trojans as well. It would hurt your sales and put you together with bad guys for an overblocking reason.)

You should block a specific url if you believe its dangerous not a whole domain which is used by million of members for a long time with no harmful content. And you should give PWizard more information so he can take care of the problem and remove the "what ever you believe is dangerous" thing so everybody gets pleased. Be fair and give him that chance as you might see/guess that blocking the whole domain is in this case definitely a false report.

Funny, the http://cheatengine.org/downloads.php website you are not blocking although it contains the PUP you were talking about xD They even say it does.

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It would be nice to know what file is the culprit. That would allow CH to fix things.

Much better than a blanket block for the entire side. It's like fighting a mosquito with a nuke.

As for CH, there are no issues there ,never have been. Other sites that use cheatengine are not blocked, so this seems more like a bit of a hefty overreaction.

So if you could please fix this, would be much appreciated.

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Alright so lets get technical here.


MB's definition of a PUP

obtrusive, misleading, or deceptive advertising, branding, or search practices

does not apply to CheatEngine or CheatHappens

using pop-ups, pop-unders, ad-insertion, ad-overlays, ad replacement

Also does not apply to either

excessive or deceptive distribution, affiliate or opt-out bundling practices which may or may not include SEO poisoning techniques

Does not apply

aggressive or deceptive behavior especially surrounding purchasing or licensing, including using affiliates & third parties who use different tactics or techniques to get users to purchase, than what is available from the manufacturer's website

Yeah, does not apply

unwarranted, unnecessary, excessive, illegitimate, or deceptive modifications of system settings, security settings or configuration (including browser settings and toolbars that bring no additional value over standard Operating System and legitimate application settings)

Pretty sure this does not apply

using fake installers for commonly used software (such as Adobe Flash Player) to push your product

Does not apply

using exaggerated findings (such as claiming temp files, cookies, registry entries, etc are harmful) as scare tactics to get users to purchase

Nope, definitely doesn't apply

  • using technical support scam tactics
  • difficulty uninstalling or removing the software
  • predominantly negative feedback or ratings from the user community
  • in general hurting or diminishing end user experience
  • other practices generally accepted as riskware, scareware, adware, greyware, or otherwise commonly unwanted software by the user community

Nope Nope Nope Nope And NOPE

So if CheatEngine or CheatHappens does not fit any of this criteria, how exactly do you call it PUP?

CheatEngine does not come bundled with software, it also has no ads to speak of, its also SIMPLE to uninstall.


So i'm curious as to what exactly makes CE a PUP when you actually have to KNOWINGLY Install it, and someone isn't going to install it without knowing what it does. Same goes for CheatHappens, people go there because they know what its about.

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What doesn't make sense is that we don't even offer CheatEngine as a download at our site. That would be http://www.cheatengine.org which is NOT blocked by Malwarebytes. We are currently preparing the paperwork for legal action, naming staff user Dashke specifically for not providing us any recourse to remedy this situation as we lose customer confidence and damage to our brand, not to mention lost revenue. 

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Heres something that's unwarranted, unnecessary

"https://forums.malwarebytes.com wants to send you notifications, but first you need to go to Settings and turn on Notifications"

THAT type of crap is more annoying than anything the CheatHappens site does.

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See - this is a problem. 

Malwarebytes - your position (which comes off a bit like 'tough - we're doing it anyway') seems unreasonable.  I can certainly understand blacklisting known threats - that's good stuff.  If a site/domain/script/executable is known to deliver malware, then by all means - drop them on the blacklist.

I can even understand blocking "potential" threats - if something looks a little sketchy, or is similar to other other things that are known to be sketchy, then fair enough - go ahead and block it.  By doing so, you're only looking out for your customers, and that's what you get paid to do.  Makes sense.

However, once you receive compelling evidence or testimonials indicating that the "potential" threat isn't actually a threat, then it's time to reverse course, right?  I mean, why continue to stubbornly block something based on "potential?"   Google has incredible "potential" to be malicious, so does Microsoft, and frankly, so do you.

Because really, logically, "potentially bad" is all we have left here.  The cheathappens.com site owner has invited you to review & discuss, and dozens of members have weighed in with support and testimonials.  They have a decade-plus record of not behaving maliciously. 

If you continue to block this domain despite pretty clear evidence that there's no actual threat, then reasonable people would have to conclude that you're doing it for other, non-security-based motives.   So c'mon guys - fix this. 


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I have been a member of the site cheat happens for over 10 years. I have been a malware bytes user of both the free and subscription product for about 3. (maybe more I have a bad sense of time) It is stuff like this that has led me to not renew my subscription when it lapsed about a year ago. After this mess I will not only not be renewing it ever I have plans to uninstall it, give an appropriate review of this inappropriate behavior of this staff and discourage my friends and contacts from this software like I have other software that has also acted in a defective manner such as avast, avg, Norton etc. Welcome to the defective software club. Please don't enjoy your stay.

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