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all keys and ids invalid

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recently had all 5 of my lifetime malwarebytes premium liftime subscriptions become invalid. 2 from newegg. 2 from  amazon. and one from staples. still have installation disk and card with key and id.  malwarebytes says " Thank you for providing me the receipts however the subscriptions you purchased are not a valid license key, the best I can do for you is provide you a free 1 year subscription".


nice   now i get to call amazon, newegg, and staples and tell them there selling bogus malwarebytes subscriptions.


will get interesting

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thanks for the reply..  looks like malwarebytes is following microsofts lead.   soon everything is going to be a 1 year deal. pay again next year. we start by making what worked obsolete. then we charge whatever we want.

not going to follow up on this. backed up all 5 computers and have the option to reinstall if things go south.

posted this so people can see what kind of people their dealing with.



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The entity (REPLACE WITH SCAM ENTITY NAME) that you reference is not affiliated with Malwarebytes in any manner and appears to be a scam. We are very sorry to hear that you were victim to this scam. We take our brand protection seriously and are working actively to combat these scammers


newegg.com and amazon digital downloads.   not third party


these keys worked from 2015 untill the new malwarebytes came out. just a coincidence?


now its ransomeware.  purchase a new subscription to continue. Oh and we disabled your working copy just to make you more upset.


last post   thanks for looking

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  • Staff

Thank you for that detail, but I cannot look up the HelpDesk ticket nor your license information with only the user nickname you are using here on the forum.  Please provide me with the ticket number so I can research this properly.  No one else reading this will be able to access the HelpDesk and view it, other than myself.

Thanks. :)




Regarding the ransomeware, are you using the stand alone version?  I'm not quite understanding what you're seeing since it should be integrated into MB 3.3 and would not be a separate notification, nor would our stand alone advise you to purchase.  Our stand alone is a perpetual Beta that you would likely need to reinstall periodically.

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Hello xxxxx,

Please purchase the subscription from us, Newegg is not a valid re seller.

Best Regards

Malwarebytes Consumer Support |


Then you better get in contact with  newegg as they are at this time listing malwarebytes for sale 


my guess this will eventually be setteled in the courts



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  • Staff

I believe I found your ticket (this could have been resolved much quicker had you just supplied me with the ticket number)

Just to clarify - your Staples purchase was honored and Kenyan issued you a new license to replace that, back on October 16th

Your other purchases at Newegg and the Amazon from many years ago will also continue to be honored.



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