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[Bug] Windows 10 Xbox Networking cannot connect with Web Protection Enabled

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Settings > Gaming > Xbox Networking

Xbox Live Multiplayer
Server Connectivity will show as BLOCKED unless you close Malwarebytes or disable Web Protection in Malwarebytes.

Is there a way to white-list this service?

Package 1.0.212
Update 1.0.3042

Windows 10 x64 Pro 1709 16299.19

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Yes, you should be able to whitelist it from web blocking.  Do you see any website blocked events listed under the Reports section in Malwarebytes?  If so, find one that occurred around the time you were trying to connect to Xbox Live and double-click on it.  Click on the Export button and select Copy to clipboard and then paste it back here into your next reply.

That will tell us which server is being blocked (this way we can also check to see if it's a false positive and get it corrected if it is) and also which process is being blocked so that we know what needs to be excluded/white-listed.

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Ah, I see.  So the problem is that whenever you have Malwarebytes Web Protection active Xbox Live cannot connect, however it isn't showing any web blocking notifications or logging any blocks, and when you disable Web Protection Xbox is then able to connect, is that right?

If that is the case, I would like to give our team a chance to troubleshoot the issue further if you're willing to do a bit more to assist us.  What we'll need are the logs listed in this post from FRST and MB-Check.  Just follow the instructions in that post to run the tools, then attach the logs created by the tools to your next reply.


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This issue should be fixed in our beta that was just released. You can download the beta by going to Settings -> Applications and toggling on the beta option. After a little while, you should get the beta version which is Component Package 1.0.390 and this should hopefully resolve the issue. Please let us know.

If you don't want to try the beta, the full release should be out soon based on feedback from beta users.


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I am on 1803 build 17134.167 with Malwarebytes with component package 1.0.391 and update package 1.0.6113, and I am having the server connectivity blocked issue whenever web protection is enabled with no events being logged.


If there is any information I can provide that will help in fixing this issue again, please let me know.



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5 hours ago, dcollins said:

Thanks, can you please provide the logs requested below?

  1. Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  2. Accept the EULA and click the Advanced Options link on the main page
  3. Click Gather Logs and wait for the process to finish
  4. Once completed, attach the mbst-grab-results.zip file from your desktop to your reply

I have sent the requested logs via PM.

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