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message forced restart.

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Hi, this is mainly to put my mind at ease when asking this. plus i did not know were to put it on the boards.

so i started Malwarebytes 3 today like i do every day on after fully booting the system and i encounted a message were malwarebytes wasn't able to run a driver correctly, the name escapes me but it was a rootkits driver, i think, and malwarebytes said that this could be due to a rootkit. and that it was best to reboot the system.

after re-booting everything seemed to boot fine and i ran MB3 only for it to automatically and without warning run a threat scan. i thought, ok, best let it do it's thing.

once that was done and came back clean i decided to run my normal scan which was a full scan with all 4 boxes ticked and again, came back clean.

i highly doubted there was something on the system because i rarely use it for brousing, don't ever go out of my safety net. (youtube, gameFAQS, wikipedia)

the message hasn't appeared again since then and i launched MBAM multiple times to try and see if it was a one off thing.

what i wanted to ask is if this was just due to me maybe starting it earlyer than expected or a random thing stopping that driver from launching in that instance.

there is no doubt in my mind that my system is clean, this is just me asking to put it to bed and stop my anxaiaty from flaring up.

so could this just be a random glitch were for some unknown reasion the driver didn't launch as normal. is that a thing?


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Greetings :)

It sounds like a scheduled scan started and for some unknown reason it was unable to load the rootkit scanning driver so I believe your hypothesis is correct that it was just some random glitch or issue caused by timing etc. during the scan start.  As long as everything appears to be functioning normally and your scans are coming back clean, including with rootkit scanning enabled, then you should be fine.

Please let us know if you have need of any further assistance with anything and we'll do our best to assist you.

Thanks :)


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i've ran a full scan today with rootkit on, it's still fine the message hasn't poped up again. i normally run a full scan after the system finishes startup with rootkit enabled before i log on to anything that's important to me. i know it's not nessasary when i hardly do any brousing, but i will admit i'm paranoid about security.

to clarify when the message poped up on sunday it was not when starting a scan or a scedualed scan. i started malwarebytes up, as the MBAM front panel appeared so did the message and i chose to reboot to be safe.

but since the one incedent, smooth sailing.

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