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AdwCleaner Chatango.com


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Questions about AdwCleaner:

Why does the application not update automatically? As in the past and replacing the old application!


For some it has been detected:

Why does Google Translation detect?

Why is my Chatango messaging detected?

And even a picture with chatango in the name

Why is my Bouygues Telecom messaging detected?

Modified report: Cause personal identifier!  http://www.cjoint.com/c/GJogLxWsREC

Please, you can remove these detections from your database, Thanks

Hey, it's been more than 10 years that I am at Bouygues Telecom and also Chatango.com ... AdwCleaner did not exist, we used Ad-Remover, it still works ... lol

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but it is above the ratio ^^^^

with even the link of the photo with Chatango in the name!

I contacted the Dev (Matthew) ... but unfortunately does not support this log now (his time of intervention for such a simple problem was two hours max) (I tested it in XP32 XP64 W7 W8.1 W10)

... and this detection of Chatango.com (messaging and multiple Cats) is very recent, it is you who have added it has been more than three weeks ... so you must know to remove it. .. thanks (or tell why you detect this?)

Chatango is not an AddWare ... as some people suggest, it is not offered in any other software ...


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On 03/11/2017 at 8:50 PM, Ried said:

Please, I need the AdwCleaner report showing the detection. It has important information that is relevant to the developers so I can have them look into this.

I put the report file

I just redo a trial with the version AdwCleaner ... and it's always the same with Chatango and Google!

What do we do ?

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attached ... but nothing changed with the previous version.
I did not modify the file this time. but I hope I do not have to bite my fingers. Given the personal addresses. I hold you responsible ... destroy the file when you downloaded it thank you



Edited by fr33tux
Delete the attachment as requested.
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Hello Team,

Please, you can do something quickly. Delete Chatango.com from your virus database. Thank you ! .Car there it becomes painful to disable each time Web protection. Mbam3 does not accept the setting in exception of the site! nor my Chatango home address

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It's good for me with the latest version

May be in part, the problem was also the use of the Beta version of Mbam3 ... but following yesterday's Bug (Web Blocking / RAM Usage Issue) I returned to the official version and everything works properly.
(For information the Beta Mbam3, it also blocks communication to the FileHippo App Manager V2.0.0392 software update server)

Best regards



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