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Scan result information not readable

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Let's assume that after a scan, one gets the result displayed in the attached screen capture. Usually, when a column is not wide enough to display the full information, the software displays a tooltip when hovering the field and/or allows to copy the field contents when right-clicking it. With MWB 3, my only choice is to increase the window width until I see all information, which sometimes involves extending the window over my secondary display.

In the provided example, I cannot even copy the registry key name in order to look at it in the registry.

Did I miss something ?


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OMG! Do we need an advanced member to explain this ? I was probably using Windows before you knew what a computer is. You didn’t read my message. Of course I know how to increase the size of a window.  I have explained that sometimes, the text in the “location”  column is so long that in order to read it, the window width would have to be greater than the display width.

Anyway, in such dialog boxes, the basic UI design rules explain that the user should have a way to display or extract the full text of a column (tooltip, copy command, etc.). The current design of this dialog in MB3 is flawed.

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11 hours ago, dcollins said:

On another note, there is no need to attack or belittle other people on the forums. This violates the forums policy as well, so let's try to keep things civil please.

I'm sorry if I have been a little rough but lock's answer was rather provocative and demonstrated that he had not read my initial post.

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Hi @Samoreen! I'm happy to report we've recently released an update to address this issue. Simply hover over the text in the Location field now and a tool tip will appear to display the full path. Please let us know if this has properly addressed the concern you raised. Thanks!


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