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3.2.2: Tray application appearing as process/alt tab window?!

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Here's a temporary fix for the temporary fix:

Activate another desktop (Windows key+tab) so you have a spare desktop.
Click Winkey+tab so you see all windows, including the MB tray.
While the windows are all visible, use the mouse to drag the MB tray window into the spare desktop.
Return to your primary desktop.

The tray window is now on the spare desktop and it won't show up with the alt-tab combination. To see it you have to switch to the spare window and use alt-tab.

OK, so it's a band-aid that covers another band-aid... but it works for me.

On a different, possibly related topic, I don't see an mbam.exe process any more unless I open Malwarebytes. When it's closed mbam.exe goes away and I only see MBAMService.exe and mbamtray.exe. Is the MB function performed completely by the service now, or does mbam.exe need to running to get the real time protection and scheduled scans?

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Thanks! That clarifies it for me. MB is working just fine, and I have no alt-tab problems.


But I did have to manually create a link to the Malwarebytes Tray Application in my startup folder. For some reason the upgrade either removed it and didn't put another one there. 

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