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End point security, need for a specific anti virus program


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Our office is running on windows 7 and we have just downloaded Endpoint Security.   Is this good enough to handle traditional antiviruses or do we need to download a specific anti-virus program.  If we need to add an anti virus  program, which is suitable to work in tandem with Endpoint? 

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I'm just a user managing 121 endpoints, but I would strongly recommend you use a standalone virus scanner that offers endpoint protection.

This software does not appear to be ready/reliable enough to trust it alone to keep your computers safe.


RansomWare addon has a memory leak leading to the computer crashing, whether or not it even works is questionable.

Approximately 30% of my endpoints registered the first time I installed the software and has not been since by the cloud.

Machines that detect threats quarantine the threats and the same threats are identified and quarantined the next scan.

Malwarebytes only suggestions have been to run their diagnostic tools and send them the logs, and try reinstalling the software, but wait theres more! The software doesn't uninstall properly and will kill your .net installation and possibly your whole computer depending on how bad it screws up the uninstallation and you have to go find their Mb_clean software to remove most of the software before you can finish uninstalling it yourself.



If your job depends on machines/networks not being compromised/infected I would STRONGLY recommend you use additional software or other software.

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Hi grahamc--

Malwarebytes can be used alongside most other AVs with no issues.  Or, you can also leverage built in Microsoft security by using Windows Defender along with Endpoint Security. Typically if you set up exclusions for the other program in each security software, then you should be fine.

If after doing so you experience any issues, please reach our to our Business Support team.



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7 minutes ago, KDawg said:

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is a full Anti-Virus replacement.

Why pay for something you already have and we do better?

Given the number of issues with this software I find it hard to trust anything about this software. And since my career depends on computers not being infected, I'll continue to rely on the software that has worked for years instead of this suite which in paying to beta test. Maybe once all the obvious flaws with the software are solved I'll start to trust Malwarebytes endpoint protection but until then I absolutely will not be relying on it as the sole method of protecting my network.

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The beating heart, the core of the Malwarebytes products, is I believe solid, its brand is well respected in the industry as a cutting edge 'go to' malware detection/prevention tool of choice.

At home, I personally use Malwarebytes Premium, and am happy to say so.

My company, ironically, used Malwarebytes Endpoint Security and it was flawless in its execution 

HOWEVER, giddy with the prospect of "upgrading" my company to the new cloud based Endpoint Protection this early, was a mistake -  I hold my hand up to it.

I understand that all early software releases are going to need tweaks - however with a frontline security product its simple unacceptable to have this many issues - Issues which frankly jeopardise my job and my family's livelihood, and potentially those of my colleagues and our company as a whole.

A malware infiltration as a result of a faulting Mbam installation would be catastrophic PR - mud sticks, and once your company has been breached your reputation takes a heavy beating - for the SME companies without the deep pockets for fancy re--branding and clever counter PR agencies, security breaches frequently end in the insolvency courts as clients walk away and business dries up.

Where would that leave me - I'd be known as that IT bloke who let the ransomware in - thats where.

We need bullet proof confidence in our security products - and, while I'm sure Endpoint Protection will eventually evolve into a product worthy of the Malwarebytes brand , this IT bloke regrets being a lab rat so early in that journey.


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