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Malwarebytes pop-up

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I am running the old version of free Malwarebytes ( and got  pop-up inviting me to update the program, but when I did so I found that it was the "trial" version of the new update that was downloaded and installed.  Since I didn't want the trial version, I uninstalled it and (hopefully) installed the old free version.  However, I find that now I keep getting an annoying pop-up inviting me to install the update. See attachment.  Is there any way to get rid of this thing short of uninstalling Malwarebytes completely?  If the company does not want to continue supplying the free version of its program, why not do the honest thing and just tell its users.  The present practice does not inspire confidence in an organization which is supposedly aimed at protecting users from malware and "potentially unwanted programs". 



Malwarebytes pop-up.JPG

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Hello and welcome...

If you want the latest version, but don't want the trial simple go to Settings -> My Account -> End Trial that will revert it to the free version.  If you want to continue using version 2 (which is not as effective as MB3) (MB3 is far more superior than version 2 with a better scan engine and will detect things that v2 may not) you can see my post below...

To stop your Malwarebytes v2 from upgrading to MB3 please see my post located -->> RIGHT HERE <<--

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