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Windows Updates Wiped Malwarebytes Off My PC

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I got the KB4041676 update last night, although my malwarebytes was fine. I upgraded my windows at around midnight, but earlier in the day yesterday i got an update for malwarebytes, and ever since then, custom full scans with rootkit enabled is taking 1hr+ and it gets stuck on one file. Before these updates, it would take 30 or so minutes for this type of scan. i assume these updates just messed some stuff up, which really sucks.

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Can you please grab your windows update logs? To do this, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to C:\Windows\Logs
  2. Right click on WindowsUpdate and choose Send to -> Compressed (Zipped) folder
  3. This should prompt you to create the file on your desktop
  4. Once the zip is created on your desktop, please upload it here or private message it to me
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Apparently Microsoft's major updates will remove any application Microsoft thinks will be a conflict with their software. Various other forums have reported this problem. "All of your files are exactly where you left them” screen will appear like normal–this screen always appears during major updates–but Windows will actually have removed some of your program files.

To me this is something that should be disclosed by MS who seems to know which programs will be in conflict. Not good.

I had CCleaner and Malwarebytes removed. My guess is MS will not even acknowledge this problem.

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