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Malwarebytes service shutting down randomly.

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On event viewer, Malwarebytes is shutting down randomly is looks like. Real time protection just turned off as I was writing this, but I think the application just restarted. Just started happening yesterday here. https://imgur.com/a/LgLEu


Anyone else having this problem? It's not too big of a deal because I think it turns back on automatically but I was just wondering whats going on. When I am playing games sound gets all laggy for a few seconds  whenever this happens which I am assuming is this issue , but its not too bad.  Thanks


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Can you try the following please:

  1. Open Malwarebytes
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Protection
  3. Turn off the Self-Protection open
  4. Download Procdump.zip from https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/7gdfv6it0xsgu1mzbt3dbbyjcg7kguep
  5. Extract the files to a folder
  6. Right click on 4 - mbamservice_crash.bat and choose Run as Administrator
  7. This should open a window with a lot of text on it
  8. Leave this window running in the background, and it should eventually go away when mbamservice crashes
  9. Once that crash happens, please take the .dmp folder from inside of the folder and upload it here or if it's too big, use wetransfer.com to send it to dcollins@malwarebytes.com


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Ive had this open for an hour, no crashes yet. I wonder why, maybe it is the self protection? Not sure what that setting even does :P I will turn self protection back on and quit this application, see if it will crash again or if it was just something weird going on yesterday.

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