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Malwarebytes 3.2.2 Free, What is the meaning of this message ?

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Strange is that not always comes this message. I'll go further, I'm doing a scan with malwarebytes anti-malware that runs through to the end. Finished. After 10 or 30 seconds this message comes. Then the program sorts again. This does not always happen with me.


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Sorry that no one replied to your topic here.  I believe that because you replied a few times soon after your first post to provide more information, that everyone assumed someone was already replying and helping you.

I believe the meaning of the message has to do with the Malwarebytes service which is used for scanning as well as protection not being able to start.  If the problem is still happening then please try the following to try and get it working properly again:


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Sorry about the delay here @MAM. This error message means your mbamservice is crashing. To find out why, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Malwarebytes and go to Settings -> Protection
  2. Disable the Self Protection option
  3. Download the following Procdump.zip file: Procdump.zip
  4. Right click on procdump.zip and then choose properties
  5. In the window that pops up, click the unblock button near the bottom and then click ok
  6. Extract procdump.zip.
  7. Open the folder where the files were extracted
  8. Right click 4 - mbamservice_crash.bat and select Run as administrator.
  9. This should cause a black window with text to popup on the screen.
  10. Perform whatever steps are needed for the error message to appear
  11. Once the crash happens, the black window should go away and a new file should be found in the folder
  12. Right click the DMP file and choose Send to -> Compressed (Zipped) folder
  13. Reply with the dump file


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Good, that must have fixed it.  The clean install removed the corrupted exclusions file and the reinstall replaced the file with a good working one so no more errors.

It's good to know the cause of this issue.  I'll talk to the Product team about making MB3 more robust in its ability to handle a corrupted exclusions file.

Thanks for your help MAM

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