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Web protection and privacy

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Hi there, 

With Web protection "on" is it correct that Malwarebytes checks every domain I visit? I use both Firefox and Chrome and in Chrome I turned their Safe browsing "off" because I don't want Google to know every url I visit. I also run uBlock against all trackers etc. But I never thought about my virsuscanner doing the same thing. So let me know:

Does Malwarebytes check every domain I visit?
What do you do to protect my privacy? 


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It will check the domain's you visit, but we don't do anything with that data unless we detect a block. For example, going to google.com, your local copy of Malwarebytes will know you went to Google, but that information isn't sent to our servers. However if you go to a blocked page, like https://iptest.malwarebytes.com, your machine will ping up some anonymous telemetry info letting us know that this site was blocked and by what process. You can turn this option off under Settings -> Protection -> Usage and Threat Statistics

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It uses the definitions from Malwarebytes (that get updated daily many times a day) this is why its important to have your Malwarebytes always updated.  The definitions has info of known sites that spread malware and it will block that site when you try to visit one.

For example if you visit this test site from Malwarebytes, it should encounter a block. http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/

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