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I am at a loss. I have tried every solution I can find but nothing is helping with this issue of some websites redirecting me with what pops up as "onclickrev.com" then takes me to various sites to download flash, virus removal software or other various things. I have tried clearing all data from Safari, starting in safe mode, and scanning with AVG, Malwarebytes, Norton, and Combo Cleaner. Nothing is detected. It mostly happens on search boxes within various websites and some buttons that are clicked on websites. ANY help is greatly appreciated. I have never had an issue that I haven't been able to fix before ? (much less any issues to begin with)

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I'm posting this advice here, so that it may help others.

There's nothing suspicious installed on the Mac in question, and the problem only affects a couple specific sites. In addition, the problem continues when tested in Safari while in recovery mode. (Hold down command-R at startup and choose Get Help Online to open Safari once in recovery mode.)

Since, in this case, the same problem happens in recovery mode, the problem is not on your computer. Recovery mode is a safe, clean system on a separate hidden partition that would be completely unaffected by any kind of malware or adware on your Mac.

What this means is one of two things. It's either a problem with those sites, or it's a problem with your network.

I don't see that problem with those sites, but that's not necessarily a guarantee that the problem isn't the site. Perhaps the behavior only shows up under certain conditions, such as cookies that have been set in your browser or your geolocation.

The best thing you can do to test at this point is to take your Mac somewhere else. Connect it to a different network - at a friend's or relative's house, a coffee shop, a public library, etc - and see if the same problem still occurs.

If the problem doesn't happen on a different network, and starts happening again as soon as you get back home, then your network hardware has been hacked or infected. For more information, see:


If the problem still happens on a different network, it's a problem with the sites. This can happen with multiple sites if a particular advertising network, or some other third-party service or tool, that both sites use has been compromised. In this case, you'll need to alert those sites to the problem, and avoid them until it is fixed.

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