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JRT Access is denied in Safe Mode

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So I recently downloaded JRT version 8.1.4 to help get rid of a RiskWare.Agent.E that Malwarebytes finds and is unable to quarantine as well as a Wonknod.A that Microsoft Security Essentials keeps detecting but is unable to get rid of.

When I run JRT as an administrator either in Normal or Safe Mode I get the following error.

"Could not create file C:\Users\DRAC83~1.JEF\AppData\Local\Temp\jrt\clean_shortcut.vbs Access is denied.". 

My computer appears to be working alright after I cleaned out a virus yesterday except for Windows 7 saying it may not be valid (which it is).  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi JefeTrat,

It sounds like JRT is having a difficult time extracting itself onto the system. This is usually caused by some other software installed on the system. If you haven't done so already, try deleting the following folder if it exists: %TEMP%\jrt

Then re-download a fresh copy of JRT from here and retry running it with Administrative privledges and while any anti-virus software is turned off

You can also try to use AdwCleaner as it has JRT's database incorporated into it and/or get your computer checked out by an expert at the following sub-forum: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/7-malware-removal-for-windows/


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Thanks for the reply,

I tried deleting the folder and re-downloading JRT, but the same error still came up.  I used AdwCleaner and it's scan didn't find anything.  I think there may be something messing with the access to the Temp folder as that is where the virus was installing a lot of bloatware.  I'll post in the other forum and see if I can get some help there.

Thanks for all the help you provide!


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