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Something amiss with Anti-Exploit Beta


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9 hours ago, DTZ said:

When re-installing MBAE on XP SP3 the installer automatically and silently downloads and installs the latest beta (

I had to turn off my internet connection and only after the correct setup I could uncheck the "upgrade new versions" box in settings tab.

Thanks anyway to Malwarebytes for the chance of using MBAE for free.


You can also modify the hosts file (per the above) by adding this line:       data-cdn.mbamupdates.com

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Just found this thread after having Stopped Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for the past few months.  Windows XP SP3 and Fx ESR.  I couldn't even run a Batch (Command) file that simply invoked an old DOS program with a parameter, namely \dclip41\dclip towers.dbf.

However reverting to worked fine as did also the Beta which I'm currently running, though only for the past 24hrs. 

I avoid any tendencies to update by blocking internet access via my firewall, so these are blocked:



The tendency for software to update on install and then ignore the update flag is very rude and displays a disregard for the needs of the user.

PS why do I need a stronger password than my bank needs to post to this forum? 

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I finally had a chance to test on my XP Sp3 (32-bit), however, with mixed results.  After installing over and rebooting v45 behaved okay (albeit with slower loading, subjectively) for a short while. Then Thunderbird got stuck loading, and, thereafter, I don't think v45 worked, as there were no fly-outs and no logs.  Rebooted again and no difference.

Tired of this so I removed v45 and reinstalled the old v24, which works fine.  Too bad, but that's the way it is...!

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Share on other sites is giving problems on my XP Sp3 (32-bit) since the latest Firefox 52.5.2 ESR and some of my investment financial information will not display, no doubt there are other issues I've not encountered.  I've had to uninstall Exploit and haven't the time or energy at the moment to re-test

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8 hours ago, Tinstaafl said:

The new version of MBAE tested fine for me on WinXP SP-3, 32-bit.  The issues I was previously having with browsers appears to have been corrected.  :)

I'm also using this version and it seems fine.  Have you blocked updates, has anyone tried an updated version on XP SP-3 32bit?

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8 hours ago, anthonyl said:

I'm also using this version and it seems fine.  Have you blocked updates, has anyone tried an updated version on XP SP-3 32bit?

I am now allowing updates again, as the problem seems to have been fixed.  Have not seen any new updates yet, as seems to be the current version.

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