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Malwarebytes "Web Protecdtion" blocks 1and1.com E-Mail


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I'm in the computer support business, so I know a bit more about computers than the average person.

As of Oct 3, 2017 I no longer got any e-mail on Thunderbird.  In an effort to figure out why I uninstalled TB, updated TB, ran tons of security scans all to no avail, after already successfully accessing my e-mail via the 1and1 Web Mail. So I knew the problem was not with 1and1.

Searching the web failed to yield any helpful information, until I systematically disabled various security programs. Avast was not the culprit, but then I found it.


Malwarebytes Premium, and narrowed it down to Web the Web Protection Component. Disabling it immediately fixed the problem.  Enabling it blocked any new mail once more.
So, I excluded 1and1.com, enabled Web Protection and tested the mail, and it was working.

In addition to this incredibly annoying, time wasting problem. Malwarebytes since upgrade from v 2.xxxx  has been more of a PITA than any other Security Program I have ever used.

1. Various Protections turn on and off in some unpredictable manner

2. Updates fail to appear on some machines, while they are announced on others

3 The exclusion interface has been badly degraded to waste a lot more time than on earlier versions.  Countless postings asking for a fix went no place.

Get your act together and follow Avast's excellent interface example for how to Exclude Folders/Files, swiftly with minimum clicks.


Fire the incompetent idiots who are constantly screwing things up.





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