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Can I stop MB from upGRADEs?

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As usual, when something works, someone, somewhere, will find a reason to "upgrade" it. MB is no different.
I posted this already, but it has disappeared and the generic cut & paste "re install it" was a fake reply because I already showed in my post that I had been there, done that. Just how many times reinstalling something will fix it has yet to be determined. 

This latest improvement has:

  1. Prevented the MB task tray icon from showing up. Those processes suggest MB 'MIGHT" be protecting my comp.
  2. Locks computer when I click "My Account" if, and when I am able to get MB GUI to open.
  3. Disabled automatic updates (download of fingerprints) - these must now be manually updated.
  4. Until just after the 'upgrade' I could access my account. Today my access to my account states I don't have an account. My congrats to whomever got it.
  5. Before the "upgrade" I could find MB in Start > All Programs and start it from there, because it stopped starting at boot.
  6. When following the kiddie-koder 101 suggestion to reinstall MB "over the old one", it still locks the computer.
  7. When GUI is friendly, and I look, it shows "Updates: Current" - but they are NOT current. I made a popup sticky for my desktop to remind me  each boot to check for updates. Of course, if MB decides to stay in bed, I get errors which tells me it didn't load at boot, and I must;
    - Check processes to see if it is there and if it is, kill it and manually load MB - this often works.
    - If it's not in processes, I manually load it. This will often lock the comp. Reboot, repeat procedure. Will usually load without locking.
    - It is in processes - and still not in the tray, I can only hope it is functioning - maybe.
  8. The GUI, when available, shows "Awesome! You're protected". That is NOT true because I uninstalled Norton a long time ago. If by "Protected", the MB GUI means protected by MB - that is NOT funny guys!

You can understand why then, I'd like to BLOCK Malwarebytes from downloading and installing upgrades (note I said upgrades, not updates.) Perhaps, if and when I can get this latest upgrade upgraded, fixed, patched, or whatever so MB really works, and I block further upgrades, I'll feel a smidgen safer. Maybe, after all these years of pushing MB on friends and relatives, and customers, it's time to move to something else? MB has become too comfortable in their mistakes and too far removed from customer service.

No security program (apps for the kiddies) should be held together with spit, bobby pins and bailing wire.

Disappointedly ,


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