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Feature Request: Endpoint Uptime Counter


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Hey - I wasn't aware of this ransomware module memory issue...

Is this only an problem for PC's that typically get left on? I'm guessing normal daily, on at 9am off at 5pm, wouldn't be a problem? 

What the sort of uptime duration when this gets to become an issue?


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man, this blows...

I like Malwarebytes - always have, but you can't use companies as production beta testers. SURELY in testing SOMEONE must have noticed excessive memory usage after 24hrs of use!

If our company has a security breach because of this kinda stuff then who takes the fall? not MB - me.  My job, my salary, my mortgage, my wife & kids - yep, it gets that personal. 

When you work for a SMB who haven't got the financial resources/resilience of the big corporates then this kind of thing REALLY matters

I think they forget that sometimes...

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I'm also a real Malwarebytes fan, but what they do with Endpoint Protection is really not good. There are too many errors and problems, so we have switched to another product. I really hope that they will improve this, as it seems like a beta program, which costs a lot of money to customers.

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We have a virus scanner that does endpoint protection on every machine, just because I don't have complete faith in endpoint protection from Malwarebytes yet.

Sucks I need two pieces of software to do the job of one but I like the potential Malwarebytes offers, I paid for the personal license for years before telling my company to get 120 seats for the whole company.


Hopefully by end of Q4 they have most of the bugs worked out.


They should tell people which modules aren't working properly though.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The unfortunate memory leak going on with MBARW is limited in its scope, thankfully, but to those affected, I know the pain you are having. I also want to emphasize, that even with our reply times at the moment on the B2B side, we don't want you to feel that if you have this issue that you are on your own. It cropped up after fixing the temp profile issue it had, and we are working steady to fix it. If any of you guys are willing to submit data around the issue it would be a great help to get this fixed for everyone. If you'd like to help, send me a PM and I will give you the steps and an upload box link to submit the resulting files.

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