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Did anyone else get this in their Task History?

Last night at 5:44:55 a new task was introduced without an "issued by", this only seems to be applied to 37 of my 113 endpoints though.


I also noticed my policies and schedules were updated at 01:06:22AM when nobody was here or accessing the console. Is this Malwarebytes doing stuff in the background and not telling us? Did only 37 of my endpoints get instructed to restart because the cloud cant communicate with the other 76 endpoints? Every single one with the command.service.restart has not been seen by the cloud in at least 2 days, some as many as 7 days ago.

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Is that all of your endpoints? Or just the ones that are still online?

I just forced an Check for Protection Updates on all machines and 3 of them immediately failed, on those computers the endpoint agent was running but not Malwarebytes, had to uninstall and reinstall.


BTW, that mb_clean file they told us to run works if you run it as admin, then reboot and run it as admin from console with /cloud switch. That successfully took out most of it leaving only one entry in the uninstall programs section which then uninstalled properly.After properly reinstalling with admin privelages the three machines that immediately failed now are working properly, although they too are showing online/offline/online from the cloud again.

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No not all of them.  And at the time those tasks were made, they could have been "online" or "offline" because they have all been in and out.  Yesterday, at one point, I was down to only 1 "online".  Now I'm at a 50/50.

I did run the clean tools as Admin yesterday but, at this point, I'm not touching anything because I can't be sure results are real or not.  I will wait until Malwarebytes figures it out and pushes the absolute resolution.

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Not sure about these tasks, likely related to the back-end work our developers are doing attempting to fix.

If you would like to continue troubleshooting we have changed the polling intervals and made some changes to the back end, clients MAY show up with the services restarted.

However, this issue is still being worked on so we may just want to wait for the official word on this being resolved. 

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