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Possible Forum Memory Leak?

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Not sure how to mention this.... but I will give it a try... I have seen this on two different computers one Win10 64bit and one Win7 64bit both fully updated running latest version of IE (default browser)

While browsing the forum and a few other tabs open, the more I browse through the forum and stay on MB Forum the more my memory usage goes up on my computer (process Internet Explorer). Eventually the forums seems to be running slow for me so I check and sure enough the memory just keeps growing and growing.  If I close out of the Malwarebytes Tab, memory drops right away and all is well.  I can also close out of IE and all is well again until the memory creeps back up.  It only seems to happen with the MB Forums tab/site.  I have attached screeshots of memory usage when its high and when I exit out of the MB Forums tab.



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@celee yes it happens all day as long as I keep IE open... so for the time I posted this topic which was about 1 hour ago... I been working in IE... stepping away from my desk a few times and when I posted this I closed out of IE and started a fresh browser... started at about 450MB of Ram... If I leave the MB Forum tab closed the memory does not creep up.  If I close the MB Forum tab, the memory gets released and it goes back down to acceptable levels...

I am not hurting for memory, as this computer has 32GB of RAM, the issue is that the MB Forum appears to run sluggish after it gets up high, and even the web page does not display right, Avatars are missing or messed up, and sometime the pages show up like if I was running in text mode.... I will try to get a screen shot of it when it does that again..

Now its up to 1,145 MB and growing.... eventually I have to close out my tab for Malwarebytes or restart my IE...

Also happens with my IE at home with Win7 (but I will verify that tonight to make sure)

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Looks like this is not isolated to just IE... on my Win10 64bit box using Firefox v56

Browsing with only 3 tabs open (MB Forum, Bleeping Forum, and Sysadmin site)

Only tab being used the the MB Forums tab, going through the forum reading through topics I have not read... memory continues to go up...

Fresh start of Firefox


After browsing for less than an hour on MB Forums tab


After memory gets to high, typing is slow while I post this topic and forum starts to display weird things like check out this avatar (no image)...


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IPS got back to me and here's what they said:


Thanks for the report; this won't be something we can investigate and fix overnight I don't think, but we'll take a look and do some profiling and see if we can pinpoint what's up. IE's debugging tools leave a lot to be desired but hopefully other browsers exhibit the same behavior and we can use those to figure it out.


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Memory was at about 1400MB and MB Forum page started acting up... I clicked on refresh and was greeted with the following.

Blinking Page
I then click to another tab to show IE was still working
Clicked back to MB Tab and hit refresh and page came up
Exited IE and reopened to get memory back to acceptable values.

See video (extreme flashing so if you are sensitive to flashing lights don't watch the video)


Recording #3.mp4

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