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Malwarebytes Constantly Nagging About Updates

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Every single time I log into my computer, without exception, I get this notification pop up:


Most of the time when I click on "Check for Updates", I get this:


This implies to me that the message about Updates not being current is (being generous) crying wolf or (not being generous) spamming me with advertisements.  As the message pops up every time I use the computer, I now ignore it as a matter of course.  I bought and installed malwarebytes on the premise that it would sit quietly in the background and keep my PC protected.  Is there any way to make it shut up and quietly protect my computer?

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On 04/10/2017 at 7:11 PM, nikhils said:

Can you please follow the post below and send us the logs.


I downloaded and ran the applications that you have asked for, but having reviewed the contents of the files I am not happy with the idea of posting this information to you as it includes confidential information (names of files I've been working on recently etc) and none of this seems relevant to Malwarebytes spuriously complaining.

In response to the original comment as was emailed to me:


Hello @asb16m

You are seeing this message because there is a new version 3.2.2 available.

You could either:

1. Upgrade to the latest version (Which I would recommend)

2. If you want to turn off the Notifications go to : Settings/Application and Turn off "Show Malwarebytes notifications in windows system tray" option.

Thank you

I checked the  "Notify me when full version updates are available" option and it is turned on but I haven't been notified of a version release.  I clicked "Install Application Updates" and got this:



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