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Protection event ransomware

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It happened just at the start of the computer, while KIS was updating : it was a green popup that said it quarantined

above ransomware, I clicked on view quarantine but nothing was there. This is the line copied from the report : (C:\Progr.Data\Malwarebytes\MbamSerice\LOGS) nothing mentioned in the protection event reports.

10/04/17    " 09:53:31.436"    343313484    103c    19cc    INFO    AntiRansomwareControllerImpl    mb::arwcontrollerimpl::ArwControllerImpl::ArwShimDetectionCallback    "ArwControllerImplHelper.cpp"    1079    "The detected file is only whitelisted due to error in whitelisting (likely offline), sending an action request to the SDK to kill this process. ObjectPath=HxTsr.exe, id=0x1"
10/04/17    " 09:53:33.032"    343315078    103c    19c0    WARNING        ArwSDK    ""    0    "{Thread: 0x000019D0, Tick: 0x14769286} [KillProcess] The process {PID: 12872} is already stopped."

I'd like to know what this is and if I have to take any action.



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I f you mean outlook, part of Microsoft office, I don't have it installed on the laptop, it's in the software list but never installed.

Strange enough malwarebytes has no entry in the reports, that's why I copied the line from the logs located in program data and it's not mentioned in the quarantine section either, only on the dashboard : real-time detections.


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