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Windows 7 Update


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  1. Download and install IE11 from Microsoft.
  2. Reboot
  3. Download and install  KB3102810
  4. Reboot

Try Windows Update again.  Hopefully, listing of available updates should then be shown within 15 ~ 30 mins.

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Unfortunately I have nothing for you about the Sleep issue. 

Problems with Sleep Mode and Waking the PC have been noted for multiple Windows OS over time and it's difficult to troubleshoot.

However I have noted different results of Waking the PC from Sleep Mode being based upon how the PC was put into Sleep Mode.

For example: 

With one  notebook closing the lid had a different result than hitting the Power Button.

Hitting the Power Button to put the PC to Sleep resulted in no problems when the notebook was taken out of Sleep Mode.

Closing the lid to put the notebook to sleep yielded an issue with the Right-Click Context based menu upon being taken out of Sleep Mode.


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There is no way to increase system speed via software.  That's a Snake Oil niche.

The way to increase speed is through some internal hardware methodologies.

  1. CPU and/or CPU Over-Clocking -- This method is mostly for OTC motherboards.  They  allow the end user to increase the CPU base frequency and upgrade to a newer CPU ( such as i5 --> i7 ).  Note that some OTC systems can be moderately upgraded.
  2. RAM:  XMP and/or quantity -- increase the amount of physical RAM such as going to 8GB on a 64bit OS.  Also making sure if the RAM uses two modules that they are matched and they are seated in paired memory slots.  You may also be able to apply XMP RAM.  The Extreme Memory Profile capable memory modules allow the speed of memory operations to be increased greatly.
  3. Faster Video -- If the system in question is a desktop and it uses an embedded video chip-set, you may want to replace it with a new PCI-e Video Card.
  4. Secondary Storage -- This method is to replace spindle drives with Solid State drives ( SSD ).  Instead of one large hard disk, use multiple small hard disks and Edit the Registry and relegate specific functions for each drive such as one for the OS, one for programs and %TEMP% files and one for data files.  This increases speed because the OS is then allowed to access these functions simultaneously and not sequentially.
  5. A combination of parts or all of the above.

NOTE:  The greatest flexibility, and thus the ability to boost the system speed, lies in a Desktop computers.






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Hi! I installed Windows Update. I seems my laptop to be hanging a lot after Update.

Also I'm having error in using Adobe After Effects 2017. When I open this application. Every application is Not Responding including the After Effects.

Please help me. One more question. Why all the patch, keygen application are trojan??

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On 10/6/2017 at 5:54 AM, Siddharthk said:

One more question. Why all the patch, keygen application are trojan??

If you mean why does Malwarebytes flag them as Trojans, it's because they very frequently are Trojans.  Patches, keygens, cracks and similar tools are a common method used by the bad guys to convince people to download and run unknown executables so they can more easily build in malicious functions to infect systems.  Also, especially for patches/cracks, since they often modify processes in memory as a part of their normal function, it is an easy way to execute an exploit attack and perform malicious activity in the background.

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