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AdwCleaner hangup, need help.


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I'm not a member from customer service, but maybe you can bypass this bug by using debug modus:

Open AdwCleaner, click on Tools > Options > Under "Mode" choose "debug" and click "Ok". Run AdwCleaner again (search & clean).

Feel free to give feedback here.

Thank you!


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  • Staff

For those of you posting that you have this problem with AdwCleaner hanging:

  • What version of Windows are your machines?
  • Have you tried scanning in Safe Mode?


There are many topics about this issue and they developers have posted that they are aware of this issue and continue to work diligently on resolving it. 





The 7.1 in development has all stability issues fixed. I acknowledge the issues with 7.0 and has been working on it since even though those do not happen to the vast majority of the users.

More about it in a few weeks.


I'll see what I can find out when they expect 7.1 to be released

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  • Staff

@Maxe  The developers continue to work on 7.1 and hope to have it out in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I can tell you that those detections are leftovers of chip 1-click download

Do you still see that 1-click download in your installed programs list?  It would show up as chip 1-click download service.  If not, these are merely leftovers and are causing no harm.  You can also run a scan with Malwarebytes - if there are any active chip 1-click download entries, Malwarebytes will detect and remove them.  The key word here is 'active'.

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