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Rootkit Help!

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Hello, I have purchased MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Premium in hopes it could remove the virus from my computer...so far, no go.
This Rootkit it is infected with keeps closing all other rootkit removal applications!! Also, if I don't logon really quick, my computer freezes up and i have to hold the start button down until it shuts off - the mouse cursor still works, just everything else disappears and leaves the logon screen blank, or freezes entirely.
I can run MBAM but it can't load the DDA Driver? I've tried letting it restart - nogo.

Avast can see it on it's boot scan, but can't remove it - Access Denied

MBAM chameleon works just as well as regular MBAM - it still can't remove them.

I tried Avira Rescue Boot system, it finds 2 infections - removes them, and doesn't affect it.

MBAM also cannot enable Malware Website Protection - It keeps disabling itself.

I tried MBAR - I cannot run it, it closes itself, and usually wont even open.

The only instance of MBAR i could get to run, was program file mbar-, as mbar- wouldn't even open.
When I can get it to open, it cannot scan saying "The system volume seems inaccessible or encrypted, scan cannot continue."
I do not use any encryption whatsoever.

Please Help!!
Thanks in advance.



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GOOD NEWS!! After 3 days of fighting with this I finally fixed it!! Ran Ubuntu off a USB drive, went into the windows installation and removed the folder I remembered all 897 infections were in and Tada!! The folder appeared empty to Ubuntu. I restarted it, it didn't want to work, Windows said the registry was corrupt, it attempted repair automatically, and after two restarts repairing itself, it was working just fine. 


I'm able to run ALL anti rootkit apps, whereas before NONE were working. Now all are working, and saying there's zero infections. 

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