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Whitelisting website - need wildcard ability!

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Malwarebytes v3.2.2  Win10 Pro x64

I often visit a site that changes the first part of its URL.  The site itself is "www.example.com".  It will spawn pages as "f-31.example.com".

So in "Exclusions" I want to whitelist "*.example.com".  I've seen the ability to do this in other apps, but MWB3 won't let me.

As a result, I have to turn off web protection when I am working with this site.

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Damn!  I was hoping.  I can understand why it is done.  A single subdomain may become infected, so unblocking all with one command could cause you worse problems.  They're helping you, though it doesn't seem like it.  The notification allows you to add an exclusion for that specific server/IP each time, so once you have all of their servers excluded, you wouldn't see any more notifications.  That keeps you protected and slowly gets you to where you want to be.

Sorry I don't have a better answer.

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As long as the entire site is hosted on a single IP address, then you should be able to exclude it that way.  Just do a lookup on the IP and add it to exclusions and that should prove more effective and efficient than trying to exclude each sub-domain which, as you yourself point out is quite a tedious process without wildcards.

Hopefully it's all located on just one or two IPs/servers.  Also, if the block is a false positive, I'm certain our Research team would gladly remove the block.  False positives for Web Protection can be reported here.  Just read the pinned topics there and follow the instructions to report the site as a false positive and our Research team will take a look and remove it if possible.

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Yes, adding a comment field has been requested previously for exclusions and in my opinion definitely makes sense, especially for cases such as this, though I can imagine several  other scenarios where it would also prove valuable and useful.  I'll let the Product team know that we have another request for that feature.

If you have any other ideas, comments or requests please don't hesitate to let us know.  In fact, we have an area of our forums here dedicated to that very subject located here.  It has a section specifically dedicated to Malwarebytes 3 so if you have more feedback, post it there and we'll see that our Product team hears about it.

Thank you for your feedback and especially your patience with us, and of course thank you for using Malwarebytes to keep your system safe :) .

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