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v3.22 Threat Scan hangs whole computer - but v2.2 works fine (Windows 10)

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When I run Malwarebytes 3, it always stalls during the Threat Scan. It gets stuck scanning one file (seemingly a different one each time).

When it freezes, my whole system slows down until I force-close Malwarebytes (even though CPU stays only around 10%). Browsers, files etc. take about 1 minute to open and are barely usable.

This could be a bug rather than infection - kevinf80, Expert from the Malware Removal for Windows Forum here helped me remove an infection, but suggested I also post a thread here about the hang issue. Original thread:

Malwarebytes 2.2 (from bleepingcomputer) runs fine and completes the scan with the latest malware database, finding no infections.

I found a post on another forum from December 2016, with some people who had a similar problem and were able to run v2. One suggested it might be an issue with certain Windows 10 builds on certain computers.

New MB-Check log:


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I tried disabling scan rootkits, archives, signatureless anomaly detection, changed PUPs to ignore - and disabled all real time protections, but it still freezes (this time on Heuristics).

One thing I noticed is that when the real time protections are on, not only Malwarebytes hangs, but also my whole system slows down when the scan freezes.

But even with real time protections off, I still couldn't 'cancel' the scan and I had to force-close the service in task manager in order to be able to restart it.

My CPU is an old Phenom 9850 (but no other programs seem to cause this kind of hang).

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