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Malwarebytes randomly locking files

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I don't really know what's going on, but at rare occasions malwarebytes will lock files I frequency access. For example when I develop applications, and QA them by frequently writing to disk, or any IO activity really. Upon trying to delete the file, the computer will say that I don't have sufficient permissions (administrator account, which I already am using). I've also tried using Unlocker without any success.

Today when I tried updating Dell Display Manager the installer had failed saying that the main executable (ddm.exe) was 'locked' and it couldn't proceed. I downloaded Process Explorer and used the Find Handle function and searched for the executable. It came up as used by MBAMService.exe, so I shut off Malwarebytes, and then the file just disappeared (the 'locked' exe file).

I highly suspect this is caused by Malwarebytes, and would appricate if anyone could take a closer look, I cannot be the only affected user.

  • Malwarebytes
  • Windows 10 build 15063
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An update to Googleupdate.exe handle. After updating to Component package 1.0.207 Googleupdate.exe  remained locked continuously even with with daily shutdown and reboot sequences. After turning off ransomware protection today and rebooting it finally disappeared from the handle list and has not reappeared after turning ransomware back on. So is fixed.   

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