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Persistent pop-ups

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I installed malware bytes to eradicate annoying ads that were appearing on my screen every hour or so. They are still there. But now I have nagging "notifications" and bullying "get the premium version" reminders at a rate that has driven the adware into insignificance. So I uninstalled Malwarebytes. and good riddance. High pressure selling really gets up my nose.

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So if you uninstall Malwarebytes should you have access to the forums? If you're really serious about not wanting or liking Malwarebytes why don't you ask the company for a refund and not just uninstall the program, but cancel it? You are having a temper tantrum the way you've handled it. I do think you will be better off with Malwarebytes than without it.

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@Knitter You make your first post and it attempts to only to deride. How gracious and helpful. 

@Brok If I understand correctly you installed the trial version. After 14 days it will revert to the free version. Until the 14-day period completes there will be periodic "nags" cajoling you to purchase the premium version. If you choose to remain in "free" mode, the premium features will cease after 14 days, and the upgrade notifications should cease.

FWIW, the free version auto-scans your system monthly, so while you will not have real-time protection, MBAM does periodically scan and report your machine health.

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@Telos thanks for jumping in with the clarification. One piece that should be adjusted though, is that in 3.2.2 we did change our UI a bit in regards to encouraging users to upgrade to premium. The scan page now has the section below on the right if you're in free or trial mode, which hilights the advantages of a premium subscription.

@Brok if you have examples of popups you are talking about that aren't covered here, if you could explain them in a bit more detail I can look into them and make sure they're responding properly. We want to encourage people to upgrade to premium, but we definitely don't want to be nagging them about it if they decide against it.

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