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MB-Clean command line arguments?


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What are the command line arguments for the latest MB-Clean tool. 3.xx?   Im trying to run the MB-clean to uninstall endpoint protection, but not removing the folders or program. I read somewhere I need to use the /cloud switch?  Where is this information at? I searched the forums. I cannot find any information about this.

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Hi @rm304, there's a couple cleaner tool versions, I'll link both for you and for people searching for this in the future.

Consumer MB3 and Business Cloud agent cleaner - https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean

Management Console client agent cleaner - https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/rck2gbt0kqqdp8iw1uk7u6pmjg0gajkr

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So I'm guessing need to run both of these for Endpoint protection? Why is there no documentation for this and why do users have Search for this in the Forums?  Should be listed under tools or a download section.    Also the second Link is not working.   Are there any other hidden\secret tools or commands users should be aware of?

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The link works, I made a mistake when pasting it, it had an extra space tacked onto the end.

And no, no need to run both, I provided the conditions of use but I will clarify. Deciding which one you run is going to depend on what you have deployed. If cloud or a consumer install is what you need to clean, use the first one. If you need to clean off MBMC managed installs, use the second. The consumer cleaner is publicly hosted, the MBMC agent one is not and will only be given out here or in a support ticket.

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You can use default msiexec switches, like /lv, to force a verbose log output but no, natively it does not log its actions. The cleaner is set to run silently and suppress a reboot, however that reboot will still need to happen before you reinstall and if you use this cleaner with GPO, the built in switches will be ignored and you will need to specify silent and no reboot manually in your GPO.

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