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Malwarebytes Premium & Microsoft Expressions Web 3

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I am running Malwarebytes Premium (v and it recently (as of yesterday) is now not playing nice with Microsoft Expressions Web 3 (v 3.0.1762.0). Two days ago I was uploading content created by Expressions Web 3 with no problems. Yesterday I started having problems. When I try uploading content, Malwarebytes quarantines Expressions Web 3. I've tried adding the app (the .exe file that is in the C:\Porgram Files(x86)\Microsoft Expression\Web 3\ExpressionWeb.exe location) to the exclusions list but that doesn't help. It still gets quarantined. I then tried to add the exclusion by excluding a previously detected exploit but the app doesn't show up on the "previously detected exploit" list.

Help...I have a web site...how do I stop Malwarebytes from quarantining a valid application (which connects to the internet)?

This shouldn't be that hard but for the life of me...I can't figure this out.

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Arghh...system won't let me downloa the FRST. I try, I click run, then I get a message that it is blocked. I wonder if this is a Windows 10 update that is causing this problem my with laptop. I have Malwarebytes on an older desktop and I don't have any issue uploading content to my website using Expressions Web 3. Malwarebytes doesn't quarantine the application. I'm only having this issue on the laptop that runs Windows 10.

I'm going to try to disable Windows Defender.


2017-10-03 (1).png

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