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Re. "Original" version updates


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Hi Thomas,

Someone I know running El Cap, 10.12.6 is unable to update beyond the v. The only update option she is seeing is to the new 3.0, which she didn't really want but felt forced to download. I'm running 10.12.6 myself, and have v.1.26.730, which may or may not be the latest--and nothing in the update check indicating whether I'm up to date or not. I wouldn't like to be stuck at some earlier version, as she is, going forward. So for her, as well as myself, I'd like to know what to do about this. This has the unfortunate appearance of users being forced to DL the 3.0 trial, with no option to stay with the latest manual removal version. I may at some point want to explore the 3.0, but don't want to feel compelled to do that.

Came across alvarnell's link for the dmg installer for the 1.26.730 at https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/210006-previous-versions/

But going forward, wouldn't know how to get such a link for whatever supersedes the 1.26.730 (if that is the latest.)

Would it be possible to restore the manual version update, along with a notice about the availability of the 3.0/"Premium" in the update check?




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I may at some point want to explore the 3.0, but don't want to feel compelled to do that.

No longer seeing any option to edit my OP.

To be clear, I know that I'm not "compelled" to update to the 3.0. What I mean is I would like to be able to have some way to stay with and update the 'original' manual post-infection scanner without needing to install the 3.0. One possibility for those who are not yet ready to install the 3.0 trial would be to have Skip this version, if checked, then offer an update, should one be available, and if not report that.

It also seems to me that the 3.0, as currently offered as an update in Check for updates, is perhaps a little misleading and confusing to many (as it was to my friend who felt she needed to get the 3.0 in order to stay updated.) An "update," as opposed to an "upgrade," is usually meant as an incremental point update, not a full new version replete with totally new features, which the 3.0 is.

Perhaps after the 30 day trial, Malwarebytes then reverts to the latest manual version, whatever that is, and not to whatever the version was before the 3.0 trial--if that is now out of date. But if so, seems to me that shouldn't be the only option for those who just want to stay with the manual version and keep that updated

And if all this has already been documented somewhere, please point me to that.


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  • Staff

We don't really want to encourage people to stay on the old 1.x versions unless they absolutely have to for some reason, and even then only for a transitional period.

The issue is that we don't intend to update it any further (beyond one minor legacy bug-fix release for 10.9 users), and it will eventually become outdated and unable to detect things the newer software will detect. Plus, we've seen malware manipulating the files for the 1.x versions, to interfere with detection. This is something that malware won't be able to do so easily with 3.0.

We encourage those who have supported systems (10.10, aka Yosemite, and higher) to upgrade to 3.0. If you really don't want the real-time protection, you can turn that off, and the background components really won't be a significant factor. About the only things they'll do when you're not actually using the app is check for updates for the protection database and the program.

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