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Unable to connect to server

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I, also, cannot connect to server to update my, which installed as free, to premium lifetime license. I have tried using the mb-clean; completely uninstalling, even cleaning out using regedit, which cleans all but the legacy items; trying to contact the server in safe mode, and turning off my ESET firewall. Find attached the necessary files.




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Yes, I tried disabling it before and I tried it again after adding the exclusions. Stupid me, the only thing that might make a difference that I did not mention, is that it also says that 'installation token not found. There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license.'

I'm going to try restarting again.

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Well, by strange happenstance, I an VPN, which I have not been using because it cause my mouse on my touchscreen to behave strangely, but they've obviously fixed that and also improved others. It also solved my problem. I activated my license no problem, like the problem wasn't even an issue. Weird.

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I was trying to resolve a totally different problem and upgraded my PureVPN from an email notice. After install, I turned it on, saw the many improvements, used an American server, and being curious, tried updating the definition files. It worked, so I activated my license. Tadah! As to why, your guess is as good as mine. Your program wasn't the only one that was blocked, I was getting the same message from Kindle and saw a notice of some kind about Adobe Acrobat, but not the 'unable to connect to server'. The Kindle works too and Acrobat is working, but it may have not been the same problem.

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