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Heap Memory Blocked

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Good Afternoon, hoping someone can help with a Heap Memory Block that is causing my Share Point users not to be able to upload files to our Share Point Portal site. I have removed anti exploit for IE but I feel that this might leave us open to other exploit events. Can someone tell how to add this uploading to the exception list.

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Thanks For The Callback   I have attched the file below  I have NO idea  I have a cancer scare at the moment so I just sit at my computer and try to learn  I did have avast free on my computer but i've removed that  Now i have malwarebytes Hitman Pro And Glary utilities 5  By the way i reinstalled jRiver (having redownloaded it) The next thing for me is to do a full win 10 insall  Don't want to if i don't have to       Thanks David


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Hey Sheend111,

So like i thought, that application is not protected normally so I think it was just a false positive on our side. If you don't know how you triggered it then it may have just been something was trying to launch it and we monitored it at that point. Unfortunately, it looks like the logs over wrote the information about what happened during that time so I can't check. If it happens again, can you try collecting those logs again? I don't think it will happen based on what I was able to see in the logs.  However, since I am not sure what triggered it, It is is hard to say for certain. 

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Thank you  for your time on my case.  I think I found the reason for it. I checked the files that I was loading very closely and found that it was happening at the same file (a Family Guy File)

I loaded the files in various orders and it always stoped on the same file

I deleted this file and it has not happened since. The file does not show any virus or malware on scans but I've deleted it and all is good. Thank you again  DAVID

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