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3.2.2: Tray application appearing as alt+tab window (duplicate)

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Me also just signed up to notify about that quite annoying issue, and I hope that it's getting fixed soon...

Also, I have noticed that the tray app does not run/load as a service (resources issue, as you said, maybe?), so that it shows up on Alt+TAB list & Windows Task Manager.

By the way, perhaps you have to use the "RegisterServiceProcess" function to pretend that "Malwarebytes Tray Application" is a service (yeah, kind of) in Windows.

function RegisterServiceProcess (ThreadID:THandle;Flags:Integer):
Integer; stdcall; external kernel32 name 'RegisterServiceProcess';

Usage: {say in your formcreate event}
const      RSP_SIMPLE_SERVICE = 1;

ok := RegisterServiceProcess (0, RSP_SIMPLE_SERVICE);
if ok  = 0 then ShowMessage ('Error Registering Service');

As you'd figure out a "side effect" of calling RSP is that "Malwarebytes Tray Application" will not appear in the task list anymore  (isn't that nice !) so, you can pass RSP_UNREGISTER_SERVICE and make "Malwarebytes Tray Application" a regular one at any time !

Needless to say that, since I am old Malwarebytes user (back in 2008), it is one of the most powerful anti-virus/anti-malware application and you deserve huge congrats for that reason!

Wish you all the best & keep up the good work! :-)

Thank you.

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