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Manage My Subscription BUTTON does not work

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I am experiencing weird problems with my laptop same as with my malwarebytes program itself.

That is the post which I have made yesterday (it's OK, I am patiently waiting for help, so just take your time)


OK, so basically for about last 12h in the past, a message pops up from malwarebytes, that I need to activate my subscription.

I took some time to think and I figured out that I could cause this in the following way:

1. I had this program installed on this laptop a good while ago. 

2. Yesterday I decided to install it on my android -and so I did.

3. I started receiving these pop ups about licence on this laptop (But I cant remember if it was synchronised - I mean just when I installed it on android I am preety sure I was not receiving these popups on my laptop yet. Hoverer, I am pretty sure the popups started once I shut down mb free, and downloaded and installed it again? I am not sure.

The point is I had it on my laptop for a while, so the version changed to mb free and it was running preety fine basically until yesterday.

When I got it on my android, and I was offered premium - installed it, run once, and then I was still not solving problem that I had - but that's not the case now.

Android had 2 mails. 1-hotmail when the device was bought, 2-day-day gmail acc sync ON

Gmail is the same as the one on my laptop.

So, I don't know what to think about this (It never asked me about email when installin it on android my gf says) but would that be a solution to my problem why popup comes on at random times on my laptop? Because I used it twice through same gmail? I don't even know which email it used when installing on android, because as I said it never asked me about it (according to my gf). Anyways as I said I tried to restore fabrics on android, but I was not happy at the end anyway, but the mb has been uinstalled from my android anyway.

I am not signed to any email on this laptop at the moment, but why my button on mb3 (or mb free or mb3 free - whats the difference) program does not work anyway? Is signing eg to gmail gonna fix my issue?


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