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Help,stange thing

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Today i wanted to reopen samp,idk why :D 
I had cleo,i unistalled it,then it was missing a file

I reinstalled samp,then gta san andreas
I opened samp,it looked older and closed,then boom,this happened


I restarted the pc,i made the same thing and the same thing was happening

I restarted the pc one more time and deleteted the folder with tha archive ( beacause it was an gta san andreas crack )
Then i scanned with malwarebytes,nothing happened
Then i made this post
Can anyone say what happend and if yes mopre details ?

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Greetings :)

Assuming SAMP is a crack, my guess is that it was attempting to modify the in-memory process of the game being cracked (or some other process) and for whatever reason it encountered an issue causing a memory error, which is not an uncommon occurrence with cracks and the like of this nature since that's often what they have to do in order to crack games (they modify the in-memory process of the game to change its code and/or instructions in  such a way as to "trick" it into believing it's registered or to change whatever in-memory components of the code that are necessary to make cheats function if it's a trainer/cheat tool).  While it is entirely possible that one of our protection processes, especially our anti-exploit technology which looks for some behaviors that might be displayed by cracks, it isn't too likely unless the process being modified/accessed by the crack was one in our list of shielded applications and we don't shield any games by default, though if you added the game's process to the list manually then obviously that could be the cause.

Anyway, everything should be fine assuming the crack didn't contain any malware and as long as your computer is now functioning normally and not showing any other signs of instability since you rebooted.

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