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Prospects for continued database updates for MBAM 2

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While currently I know of no plans to render the current malware databases incompatible with 2.x, do keep in mind that there are already numerous changes, additions and new detection heuristics built into the databases that can only be used by the Malwarebytes 3 engine, so even though it is still receiving updates and ignoring the fact that version 3 also has additional protection layers built into it for the licensed version, there are many threats that version 2 cannot detect that version 3 can, even when both are using the same databases.

I realize that's not a definitive answer, however that's all I know at this time.  Also be aware that as new database syntax/structure capabilities are added which enable more efficient detection of threats using fewer definitions, our Researchers will continue to get away from using the older, less efficient/less powerful database syntax used by pre-3.x versions of Malwarebytes, so it is very likely that over time, the amount of threats not covered by version 2 will increase and the number of threats covered by version 3 using fewer definitions will most likely increase.

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You're welcome.  Hopefully whatever problems you might be having with version 3 will soon be resolved in our upcoming releases so that you may upgrade to version 3 and take advantage of all the improvements that it has to offer.  We are aware that though we've been working constantly since the first v3 release to get every bug and issue fixed as quickly as possible, that some users are still having persistent problems that we've yet to fully resolve and for that I do apologize.  We really are trying to offer the best product we possibly can, unfortunately sometimes issues pop up that are either difficult to fix or to even track down in order to know where in the code to make the necessary changes to issue a fix and we understand that it can be very frustrating for users affected by such issues, but thank you for your patience with us and I am glad that at least for now you are getting some of the protection we offer by continuing to use version 2 in the meantime.  Also, please keep an eye out for our next release of version 3 as it will contain several bug fixes, and hopefully among the issues fixed will be whatever issue(s) you have encountered which have held you back from being confident in or able to upgrade to version 3.

Please let us know if there's anything else we can answer for you or assist you with.

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(I had asked another question here for which I have since found the answer but cannot rescind the post. It might be a useful forum option to allow a poster to be able to do this.)

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